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    • Photonics in India
      India has long been active in the field of photonics, dating back to famous scientists such as Raman and Bose. Today, India is home to numerous research groups and telecommunications companies that own a sizeable amount of the fibre-optic links installed around the globe. […]
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    • Photonics Group of IITD
      The Department of Physics, IIT Delhi has a rich history in optics and photonics research that goes way back to the late 1960s. Initially what started as a very small group of about ten people, has over the years, and has flourished in terms of both research activity and manpower. Today there are Inore than one hundred people in the departnnent including faculty members, researchers and graduate students, working actively in numerous branches of optics and across disciplines. […]
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    • Generation of paired and symmetrically detuned pho…
      The project is associated with four-wave mixing (FWM), a process in which new frequencies of electromagnetic waves are produced in a medium with third-order susceptibility, and to generates paired and symmetrically detuned photons from an incident pump wave frequency. […]
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    • List of projects for 2019
      Proposed tentative projects for M. Tech. Optoelectronics & Optical Communication students (First Sem. 2019-2020) […]