Generation of paired and symmetrically detuned photons from a pump wavelength in Telecom Band for various applications by Spontaneous Four wave Mixing.

Project by: Vivek Kumar

The project is associated with four-wave mixing (FWM), a process in which new frequencies of electromagnetic waves are produced in a medium with third-order susceptibility, and to generates paired and symmetrically detuned photons from an incident pump wave frequency. These paired photons are entangled in nature, represents an essential ingredient for carrying out significant tests in quantum mechanics and has a wide range of applications in various fields. Guided wave integrated optical components offer technologies for on-chip generation, processing, and manipulation of entangled photon pairs. Here we are reporting the optimized designs of silicon nanowaveguides through dispersion engineering at the telecom wavelengths for broadband photon pair generation via spontaneous FWM (SFWM). Embedded, air-clad strip and air-clad rib waveguide dimensions are analyzed to optimize phase matching within a tolerance range and also the sensitivity of dispersion is investigated for change in waveguide dimensions.