List of projects for 2019

Proposed tentative projects for M. Tech. Optoelectronics & Optical Communication students (First Sem. 2019-2020)

Faculty’s NameProposed Topic
R. K. VarshneyMicrostructured fiber based device
R. K. VarshneyStudy on Metamaterial based devices
R. K. VarshneySilicon based ring resonator
Amartya SenguptaOptical studies of biochemicals
Amartya SenguptaMachine Interfacing using LABVIEW for optical ranging
Bhaskar KenseriStudy of nonlinear proccesses at telecom wavelength
Abhishek DixitThe MAC layer of VLC systems
Arun KumarCoupling Characterestics of dielectrinc-plasmonic waveguide couplers
M R ShenoyModelling and Characterisation of Multielectrode Semiconductor Lasers
D S MehtaDesign and development of fiber optic probe for Raman spectroscopy and fluoroscence spectroscopy fir in-vivo cancer detection
V K Jain & Abhishek DixitStudy on underwater wireless optical communication
Madhusudan Singh & Vivek Venkataraman & Amol ChoudharyNovel Chalcogenide glassed for mid-IR photonic integrated circuits
Vivek Venkataraman & Amol ChoudharyElectro-optic modulator based frequency comb sources
Vivek Venkataraman & Amol ChoudharyBrillouin lasing and frequency combs in optical fibers
Vivek Venkataraman & Amol ChoudharyAll-optical signal processing using space-time duality
Vivek VenkataramanSilicon nanowaveguide designs for entangled photon pairs
Gufran Khan & Subrat KarMonitoring displacement with Moire fringe interferometry
A K Darpe & Subrat KarIoT 4.0 : Development of a optical sensor for continious monitoring health of rotating machinery
Subrat KarDesign of a upper atmosphere stabilized balloon system with a weather sonde playload
Subrat KarCharacterizing turbulent behaviour regimes experimentally in free-space optical links
Subrat KarDisigning of experimental test-bed for control and management of optical networks using software-defined networking
Abhishek Dixit & Vivek VenkataramanPhysical layer of VLC systems
Abhishek Dixit & Vivek VenkataramanPhysical layer of RoF systems
Joyee Ghosh & Vivek VenkataramanLaser frequency stabilization and precision spectroscopy of atomic vapor
Amol ChaudharyDesign of novel waveguides for laser application
Amol ChaudharyDevelopment of high-performance microwave photonic functionalities
Amol Chaudhary & Ankesh JainPhtonics analog to digital converters
Anuj DhawanDesign and fabrication of plasmonic sensors
Anuj DhawanNumerical modelling and characterization of plasmonic sensors
Anuj DhawanNumerical modeling and fabrication of nanophotonic chemical sensors
Anuj DhawanDesign and characterisation of nanophotonic chemical sensors